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From Half Dome, El Capitan, and beyond, your wedding day marks the exciting start of an extraordinary journey.

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Craving an elopement as adventurous & rebellious as your love?

Fueled by my own wild heart and rebellious spirit, I’m on a mission to help couples like you craft elopements that scream badass. Forget cookie-cutter ceremonies and boring receptions—let’s create an adventure that’s as unique as your love story.

So, what do you say? Ready to ditch the norm and embrace the extraordinary? Together, we’ll blaze new trails, defy expectations, and capture the raw, unfiltered essence of your love against the backdrop of Yosemite’s jaw-dropping vistas.

This isn’t just about saying “I do”—it’s about saying “Hell yeah” to life’s greatest adventure, hand in hand. So let’s grab life by the horns and make some badass memories together. Are you in?

What is an
Adventure Elopement?

Rebellious | Adventurous | Authentic

In today’s world of soaring divorce rates and diminishing respect for marriage, your decision to elope represents a beautiful act of rebellion and resilience. By choosing adventure and love over tradition, you declare that your bond transcends the ordinary.

Unlike the secretive Vegas elopements of the past, modern elopements are an intentional departure from convention. They reflect a couple’s unique essence and freedom of spirit. It’s about choosing love, adventure, and intentional moments that reflect who you are as a couple.

I passionately believe that your elopement day is a proclamation of resilience—a resounding declaration that your love transcends the ordinary. It’s a revolutionary act that challenges the notion of fleeting connections and embraces the power of enduring bonds.

Your unwavering commitment stands as an act of defiance. Your love refuses to conform to societal expectations, and it demands to be celebrated boldly.

Let’s Challenge Tradition

This isn’t just about saying “I do”—it’s about saying “Hell yeah” to life’s greatest adventure, hand in hand.

Why Have an
Adventure Elopement?

Your elopement is your wedding day!

  • You Get Ready!
  • You Say Vows!
  • You Get Married!
  • You Celebrate!

Forget worrying about catering, guest count, seating charts, DJ playlists or party favors. Instead, brace yourselves for a daring plunge into the core of who you hold dear, the passions that set your souls ablaze, and the uncharted trail you’re blazing together.

This is the day you declare your love—a moment that defies time.

Your wedding day deserves to be documented, from the crack of dawn atop a rugged mountain peak, to savoring pizza under a canopy woven with stars.

It’s not just a celebration; it’s a fearless expedition, a testament to a bond as fierce as a downhill ski run, as exhilarating as conquering a summit, and as enduring as a campfire blazing through the night.

Let’s Celebrate together!

Where Can I Be Your
Elopement Photographer?

Washington | Oregon | California | Idaho | Utah| Arizona | Montana | Wyoming | Colorado | New Mexico | Alaska | Hawaii | Beyond


Currently I’m living in Yosemite National Park but I’m not confined to one state—I live in a class C motorhome and travel throughout the Western USA, from Idaho and Utah to Arizona, Washington, Oregon, and California.

If you have a dream elopement location outside this region or even internationally—I love to travel, and I’d be thrilled to shoot your elopement wherever your heart desires.

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