Kathrine Scott

As a digital marketer and photographer specializing in the travel and outdoors industry, I help brands increase sales and brand awareness through captivating photographic and video content and targeted marketing campaigns. From showcasing breathtaking destinations to telling compelling brand stories, I create visually appealing and engaging content that resonates with the audience, helping travel brands attract more customers and stand out in the competitive travel market.

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Kathrine Scott, a recent graduate of Full Sail University with a degree in Digital Marketing, brings a unique skill set tailored for the travel industry. With a passion for exploring new destinations, Kathrine chose to study Digital Marketing as it offered her the flexibility to travel while honing her skills in various areas such as web design, social media, SEO, and more.

As the owner of her own photography business, The Honeymoon Never Ends, Kathrine understands the challenges of wearing multiple hats, including marketing, finance, and creative work. This hands-on experience has allowed her to develop a keen sense of branding and promotion, ensuring her business stands out in a competitive market.

During her time at Full Sail, Kathrine not only enhanced her own business but also contributed to Sasha L Jewels as a Digital Marketing Intern. Her expertise in content creation, social media management, and email marketing helped to increase the brand’s online presence and customer base.

With her strong foundation in Digital Marketing and her ability to adapt to different roles, Kathrine is well-equipped to thrive in the travel industry. Her passion for photography, creative writing skills, and proficiency in various digital tools such as web design, Canva, and SEO make her a valuable asset for any business.


Kathrine has been a thought partner within the company helping to move us toward our goals and always
providing valuable input. She is detail-oriented, organized, a multi-tasker, hardworking, open to learning,
reliable, determined and passionate about her work. She brings a positive, amazing energy to the table and we
absolutely loved having her on the SLJ team.

Sasha Lalite
Kathrine was so sweet! She was so professional and fun!! Working with her was a dream and the photos were all so good and really captured the sweet side of things! Definitely recommend to anyone looking for some fun couple pictures.
Alexia Wilson

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