PR Campaign Assets

PR Campaign Outline

I created a detailed and comprehensive outline for the PR campaign that includes: Target Audiences, Messaging, Public-Relations Tools & Tactics, a Spokesperson for the PR Campaign and more.

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Hypothetical Digital News Release for Holdland and GoPro

I wrote a 550 word digital news release for a hypothetical video challenge with GoPro and Holdland written in correct format and with keywords for search engine optimization optimization and placement of links for videos and photos.

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PR Campaign Conclusion

I created a report for the PR campaign that includes:
Targeted Earned Media: a list of 5 media outlets and journalists/influencers to target for my campaign.
Email Pitch: A concise email story pitch to a journalist/influencer from the targeted media list to persuade the journalist to cover an aspect of my campaign.
Timeline: A comprehensive timeline for the implementation of the various elements of the campaign & Measurement: a list of relevant KPI’s to determine the success of the campaign.

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Video Presentation navigating a hypothetical PR crisis for Holdland

I created a presentation and screencast regarding a hypothetical PR crisis. In this presentation I included:
A detailed synopsis of the crisis and its potential impact on the organization’s reputation,
Assignment of a spokesperson to represent the organization publicly,
The message to be communicated to the public and employees, including specific response strategies to be implemented,
PR tools and communications channels to utilize in the response, differentiated for internal and public communications
& a conclusion summarizing how my plan will effectively limit and repair damage done to the organization’s brand.

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